Short Resignation Letter How To Leave Our Job Peacefully

Short Resignation Letter – How To Leave Our Job Peacefully

Resignation Letter

Being in the job we were always dreaming to be there may be not always feel that special. In this case, we cannot deny that life is changing. Of course, the changing here also influences the life of our daily job. At the first time, we might be that happy since we finally got the job we wanted. However, by the time passing, our boss may turns to be non sense, our partners become annoying, and even the atmosphere becomes not comfortable. When it is the time for resign, then it is the time to make a short resignation letter.

Indeed, the first step we should do before writing the resignation letter is that we need to make sure that we have signed and returned the job offer letter. If it is already received, then we can make the resignation letter. Nowadays, we can find many sample letters of resignation. Well, it is such a must to make the formal one since we are in the job field and also we talk with our boss. In this case, we can send a brief email explaining that we do the resign to the company.

Indeed, resigning from our job may be such a difficult task for us moreover when we have been working for a long time. Since it is what we are surely decided to leave, then we need to follow some tips complete with the examples on how to make a good resignation letter. In short, we need to keep it brief and sweet for the sake of our carrier.

Short Resignation Letter - How To Leave Our Job Peacefully
Short Resignation Letter – How To Leave Our Job Peacefully

Simple Letter of Resignation Sample

Now, we can talk about the simple letter of resignation letter. As we always know, there are so many samples which we can take from the internet. However, still we should not do the copy paste since the sense and reason for every person who wants to resign is different. In this case, we need to bring our resignation letter to be able to verbally explain what we want and why we should resign.

Indeed, the format of writing the resignation letter is not that important since we will end up talking directly to the manager or colleagues. In explaining the reasons on why we do the resign, here we need to be able to leave peacefully without making anyone gets hurt.

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When we have done following the sample of the resignation letters from the internet, here we need to prefer our self to meet the manager or Human Resources. Well, it must be better if we are able to answer or explain these three questions which are:

  • When is our last day on the job?
  • What work do we need to finish up before we leave?
  • What work do we need to hand over to someone else before we leave?

Well, we may have already known that our employer has an exit interview. At glance, it is just the same with the interview we have passed when we were applying for the job vacancy in the company. Of course, we need to take our responsibility to tell the reasons without making our self look terrible that we quit from the job we wanted the most in the past.

Short And Simple Resignation Letter

Now, we can see the short and simple resignation letter for a better professional one. Still, we need to follow the tips here so that we can still maintain the bride we have built for our career. Well, since the main part of the resignation letter here are the reasons why we leave, and then here we may get interested to develop the reasons we have with these ideas such as:

  • Poor remuneration
  • Physical Ailments
  • Poor working conditions or environment
  • Unsatisfactory jobs
  • Change of place
  • Better job opportunity
  • Distant Location
  • Family commitments

Once we have decided to choose one of them, or more, then it is the time we have to write the job termination letter which furthermore we need to deliver to the organization. It is such a must for us to make them, our manager understand what we wants complete with what we have passed.

In making the letter, it will be best if we give the notice of our resign for some weeks or months. This is so since we also need to get the certain help from the companies such as a new replacement or other alternative arrangements which can make us think twice to leave.

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To make the professional resignation letter here is indeed pretty necessary since the relationship in the job field here will decide our future. Just so we know, the company here is not alone that it means when we have ruin the credibility of the company by leading other workers to leave, or insult the company, and so on, then it will create pretty bad impacts. Not to mention, here it will make our career growth gets bad impression to apply for the next job. Not only this, we may also get black listed by the company we leave and even by other companies since they have connection. In addition, we will also get it hard to apply the next job since we do not have any reference from our recent job.

Overall, to maintain the good relationship between us and the job field here is pretty crucial. It is like a bridge which we need to always keep just like we keep our relationship with our family and friends. The continual advantages we will get here is unlimited. In other words, we can say that working is not all about finding money. Here, we need to get new friends, do socialization, and even build a new family. However, it we are no longer happy working there, then it is better if we do the resign. As long as we do not bother others for the sake of our happiness, overall, good luck and be happy always!

Those are a brief explanation on how to make a good resignation letter. Well, if you are curious on other excellent nice articles about this letter, here you can check these out!

3 Thank You Letter To Boss For A Better Careers

We may never realize that we have been working for a certain period of time in a company. In this case, there are many good and bad things happened. In some cases, we may never realize that our boss cares about us. Well, it must be nice if we try to make a thank you letter to boss. Seriously, by doing this way, we will get some advantages such as being appreciated more, given attention more, and even getting a promotion. Now, we can just try to learn about the thank you letter format so that we will be able to make the professional one.

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We all know that every single one person on this planet has their own way to express their thank you. In this case, they may give a birthday party, kiss or hug each other’s and so on. Now, of course we cannot do that to our boss since our relationships is not as close as our friends or families. This is so since the workplace here is the place that everyone needs to be professional. In other words, we cannot just be showy with our affection which we want to share to everyone in the office.

Alright, if we have decided that we are going to make say thanks to our boss, then here are some of the best tips which we can try to apply. They are such as:

  • The Handshake

Believe it or not, the handshake belongs to one of giving appreciation ways which we can try. Ideally, we can apply this way to our superior since it is pretty formal yet professional. In this case, we may think that the handshake is too popular yet noting special with. However, indeed it takes on different forms. The key is of course the way we grip our boss’ hand. In addition, we need to also convince our goal through the way we look into their eyes. Just say thank you from our heart and they will smile and appreciate it.

  • The Presents

Now, how about giving some presents to our boss? Well, why not? Just so we know, if we think that the handshake we just did is not enough to show our gratitude, then we can give our supervisor some presents. Nicely, we do not need to buy expensive gifts; instead it is good enough if we bring home-baked brownies which seem like their favorite.

  • The Letter

For the last but also plays important role, here we can write a thank you letter to our supervisor. To make our appreciation successful through this letter, it must be perfect if we are able to tell them what why we are writing the letter. In this case, we can recollect what they have done to us and how those things could help us. Still, we need to keep the flowery words away since we are not sending a letter to our lover. In addition, we need to make the overall letter can reflect our business relationship with our superior. Alright, good luck to build a better carrier and business relationship!


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